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Breast Augmentation Types And Benefits


In our world today, beauty is overrated so much and most people are going to crazy extents just to look good. Beauty is pegged on the physical attributes especially among the ladies. For example, a lady with moderately big breasts is considered to be more beautiful and good looking than one who has very smaller ones. As a result of this, the doctors have come up with different ways of trying to correct this situation. For example if a lady has small breasts, then they might be made bigger, thanks to technology and advancement in the medical sector this is now possible through procedures such as breast augmentation. Breast augmentation can be defined as the procedure that is done on the breasts of a lady so as to make them look and feel bigger in size. This procedure uses either fat or breast implants to make them look bigger. For example, the doctors will remove fats from one part of the body and put it in the breasts. A better way however is through the use of the various types of implants that are commonly used. Breast augmentation is advantageous in that it will make the lady have a better self image because she will be comfortable with herself.


There are a variety of breast implants that the best plastic surgeon orange county  use on their patients and they differ in terms of durable and the costs. We have the structured saline implants where saline water is put and in addition there is an inner structure that is implanted too and this makes the breasts feel like they are natural. Closely related to the one above is known as saline breast implants. For these, they do not have an added inner structure in them and this means they will not last long as their counterpart. The common type of breast implant is the silicone breast implant. In this, the breasts are filled with silicone gel, the major advantage of this type of implant is that they are quite durable since the silicone gel can remain in the implant shell as long as possible.


Another type is the gummy bear that is beneficial in that it will maintain shape even when the shell breaks. There are benefits that the lady will come across if she undergoes this procedure for example she will be more confident about herself, clothes will fit better and the breasts will be now equal in size. Contact the best plastic surgeon orange county to know more!